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Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States. 2017 State Party Rules. State Auditor Inspector. State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 2018 State Senate. 2018 State Representative. OK Federation of Young Republicans. OK Federation of Republican Women. OK Federation of College Republicans. OK House Members. OK Senate Members. Find Your Polling Place. Find My Legislator. Become An OKGOP Minuteman Today. One of the best ways you can ensure election victory is with monthly financial support. Join hundreds of Oklahoma GOP Minutemen with a monthly contribution of just 10.
Ohio GOP.
Help us elect strong conservatives in Ohio by donating to the Ohio Republican Party! To receive updates on the Ohio Republican Party, click here and well be in touch! Today delegates to the Republican National Convention adopted the official 2016 Platform of the party.
The Utah Republican Party.
Party officers are elected on odd numbered years and serve for two years. The Republican Party is a party by the people and for the people. We appreciate the productivity of our citizens, affirm the infinite worth of all individuals, and seek the best possible quality of life for all.
Tennessee Republican Party.
Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on the conclusion of the Mueller investigation.: TNGOP Congratulates Bill Powers On Senate District 22 Primary Victory. March 7, 2019 Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement on the results from the Senate District 22 special primary election.:
What Does GOP Stand For? CBS News. CBS News Logo.
Even among people who know that GOP refers to the Republican Party, many may not know that it stands for Grand Old Party." As for being an old party, the Republicans trace their roots back to the mid-1850s, while the Democrats say their party's' earliest ancestor was a congressional caucus founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792, which went through several forms before 1844, when it adopted the name still used today.
Harris County Republican Party.
The Harris County Republican Party. The HCRP is the official GOP organization in Harris County. Building our party is a team effort, and winning elections takes all of us. Get out and get involved with the party by finding events in your area.
GOP Accueil Facebook.
Alaska Republican Party. United States Senator Mike Lee. Français France Nederlands België English US Español Português Brasil. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Confidentialité Conditions générales Publicité Choisir sa pub Cookies. DEMS WANT TO ABOLISH ICE. President Trump Speaks at CPAC 2019. Democrats supported border security then. Why wont they support it now? Vous semblez rencontrer des problèmes pour lire cette vidéo. Si cest le cas, essayez de redémarrer votre navigateur. Secure Our Border. Build the Wall. Publié par GOP.
Tom Nichols: Why I'm' Leaving the Republican Party The Atlantic.
But whatever my concerns about liberals, the true authoritarian muscle is now being flexed by the GOP, in a kind of buzzy, steroidal McCarthyism that lacks even anti-communism as a central organizing principle. The Republican Party, which controls all three branches of government and yet is addicted to whining about its own victimhood, is now the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs.
Republican Party founded HISTORY.
The Civil War firmly identified the Republican Party as the party of the victorious North, and after the war the Republican-dominated Congress forced a Radical Reconstruction policy on the South, which saw the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution and the granting of equal rights to all Southern citizens.
Republican Party RationalWiki.
Time for a Bull Moose: The Risk of Generational Realignment and a Path Toward a New Republican Party, Harvard Kennedy School Review. In fact the GOP was originally a big tent centrist party based in the North that had inherited the legacy of the Whig Party.

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