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Republican National Committee GOP.
Connect With Gop Groups Volunteer Today. Become a grassroots leader and join the Republican Leadership Initiative. Sign Me Up. Become a grassroots leader and join the Republican Leadership Initiative. Women are 53% of the voting electorate in the US. Join us as we engage the majority of women around the country grow our Party.
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Republican Party RationalWiki.
Time for a Bull Moose: The Risk of Generational Realignment and a Path Toward a New Republican Party, Harvard Kennedy School Review. In fact the GOP was originally a big tent centrist party based in the North that had inherited the legacy of the Whig Party.
Parti républicain États-Unis Wikipédia.
33 / 50. modifier Le Parti républicain en anglais: Republican Party, également surnommé Grand Old Party et abrégé en GOP, est l'un' des deux grands partis politiques américains contemporains a. Il fut fondé le 28 février 1854 par des dissidents nordistes du Parti whig et du Parti démocrate, hostiles au statu quo sur l esclavage, aux revendications souverainistes des États fédérés et favorables au protectionnisme.
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History of the GOP GOP.
Republicans envisioned free soil, free speech, free labor. Under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, the GOP became the Party of the Union as well. President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, but it was the entire Republican Party who freed the slaves.
Republican Party United States Wikipedia.
The term Grand" Old Party" is a traditional nickname for the Republican Party and the abbreviation GOP" is a commonly used designation. The term originated in 1875 in the Congressional Record, referring to the party associated with the successful military defense of the Union as this" gallant old party.

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